Who’s Stephen?

Who's This Stephen Guy?

Greetings. I am Stephen Belanger–a young adult, likely just like you, with a passion for just about anything having to do with Japanese pop-culture. As you might expect I watch quite a bit of anime and play quite a few RPGs. This blog here was created for me to complain about discuss the good and the bad of many of the things my curiousity leads me to. Whether it be a game or anime review or just a general rant about how hard it is to find Takagi Masakatsu’s latest CD without resorting to internet purchasing. Buying one thing on the internet leads to another, which leads to another and coincidentally leads to the depletion of my rent money. Oops.

But enough about my rants and raves. This blog was also created so I can learn more about Japan and the Japanese language. If you come across any interesting things relating to Japan feel free to send me an email. I might even mention you, if I find it interesting enough to write a post about it.

I live a fairly normal life but I have some relatively lofty goals. I want quite a bit out of life and I’m trying to find a way to get it all. I want to make anime, I want to make video games, I want to make movies and I already make music. I want to contribute to all the entertainment communities that have formed me to what I am today. I have so many ideas in my head–I just need to find the opportunity to bring my dreams into reality.



All my music is available for free under a Creative Commons License. All uses require a credit name and link to this page, remixes are allowed and commercial uses must be cleared by me personally.


Please support me by buying my music from iTunes, if you can.

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  • http://www.nerdculture.org Stephen Belanger

    I need up-to-date everything on this site. >.>

    It’s been super inactive for awhile now. :(

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