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If I don’t actually stay this time you have official permission to hurt me.

I’ve been really busy with work so I haven’t had any time to post anything…is what I really wish I could say right now, but that would be a lie. I was just being really lazy for a while there. I always seem to get really lethargic like this over the winter months. I’d just like you to know that despite my month long absences from posting I have in fact still been working on the site and have some really big changes coming. I’m going to push myself to try and update somewhat regularly again because I have so much cool stuff to talk about. I’ve also decided to begin broadening the scope of the site a little more beyond just the Otaku sub-culture–Otakus aren’t the only kind of Nerd, after all.Also; look forward to my review of NANA and NANA2 that I’ll have up in the next few days. Yes, I did in fact actually watch the NANA movies. I’ll also have a review of the enormously shiny Cowon A3 I picked up a short while ago.

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