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Sui Generis – First two album released as Creative Commons, third on the way!

Those that have read the “Whos’ Stephen?” page would know that apart from blogging about anime and video games, I also like to write electronic music. Well, today my first two albums, withStyle and CheCheChe, are being released under the Creative Commons license! Feel free to send the mp3s to anyone you like (or even don’t like?) or use them in YouTube videos or whatever else you might want to use them for. It’s all good, so long as it’s not commercial. If you want to use any of this music commercially let me know, and we can probably work soemthing out. My third album is also nearing completion and will be released here under a Creative Commons license when it’s ready.

Akikan – A Soda Can Harem.

Ever wondered what it would be like if you were about to drink a can of melon soda when suddenly it transformed into a cute, young girl? Yeah, me neither–but this bizarre concept turned out to be a win, in my opinion. It sprinkles a fresh twist on the harem genre with a main character that is…well…not some wussy, girl-fearing loner. Instead he is a mountain of sarcasm, topped with a thick layer of innuendo and narcissism.

Merry Christmas from Nerd Culture!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and enjoy whatever other holidays you enjoy around now! More on the characters in the picture in coming days–it’s a great show called Toradora, for those pre-emptive enough to have a look before I write my review.

New layout, new start.

The old layout was getting old and falling apart–the site wasn’t even working properly, so I’m trying out something new and will be reapplying the plugins to get the site back to what it was over the next few days. Hopefully I can get the site running reasonable stable, then I can get back to delivering the usual quality content.

No more forum?

Yeah, I turned it off. It wasn’t exactly all that active (see: no posts at all), so I decided to disable it for now. On the bright side; I finally finished Mass Effect and it was awesome. I might write a post about it soon when I can find the time.

Zombie Fluxx – What’s a few flesh-eating undead between friends?

I was hanging out with a friend of mine and he showed me a new card game he got recently called Zombie Fluxx. I had quite a bit of fun playing it and it’s a very cool idea for a card game. Most card games have some set goals and rules that you follow, leaving you shaking in your boots when you look at your cards and see you have nothing of any use. Not Zombie Fluxx–in this game the goals and rules can be completely turned around in a single round, but don’t let yourself think that makes it confusing. It certainly makes you think a bit, but it’s a very ingenious way of doing things.

Firefox – Two brackets and a number from being perfect.

I’ve always been an avid supporter of web standards, so I was glad to here that Gecko 1.9, the layout engine used in the Firefox 3 beta, passes the Acid2 test, but I found the future version of Firefox is still lacking one single thing that I feel holds it back rather significantly from being what it could be. That features is the RSS Updates counter that Safari has had for pretty much ever. How long will it take before Mozilla catches on that Firefox’s lack of this simple feature is a deal-breaker for many people? I guess I’ll have to continue using two browsers until Mozilla catches up.

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