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The Content Of Spain – Google can’t always be right.

This is a somewhat pointless post, but I thought it was pretty funny when Google gave me this result on a search I made a few minutes ago. Anyone else have any amusing stories of the occasionally quirky behavior of Google’s search system?

If I don’t actually stay this time you have official permission to hurt me.

I’ve been really busy with work so I haven’t had any time to post anything…is what I really wish I could say right now, but that would be a lie. I was just being really lazy for a while there. I always seem to get really lethargic like this over the winter months. I’d just like you to know that despite my month long absences from posting I have in fact still been working on the site and have some really big changes coming. I’m going to push myself to try and update somewhat regularly again because I have so much cool stuff to talk about. I’ve also decided to begin broadening the scope of the site a little more beyond just the Otaku sub-culture–Otakus aren’t the only kind of Nerd, after all.Also; look forward to my review of NANA and NANA2 that I’ll have up in the next few days. Yes, I did in fact actually watch the NANA movies. I’ll also have a review of the enormously shiny Cowon A3 I picked up a short while ago.

Introducing the spiffy new Nerd Culture Forums!

I’ve been debating whether or not I should add a forum to the site for a while now, as they can become rather spam ridden. I decided though, that I would just make it anyways and do a sort of trial run. If I feel it’s getting out of hand I’ll just delete it altogether, so please don’t abuse this privilege. Hopefully this will encourage more people to register as, even with daily views sometimes exceeding several hundred views, there is only 11 registered users. >.>

November Stats – Month #3

It’s Month #3 already! I’ve really got to get more posts happening! I apologize for the relative inactivity lately, I have been very busy, but I promise you I have lots of things to blog about in the coming weeks. I have been finding it somewhat difficult to find things to talk about that I deem truly worthy of actually being blogged about. I like quality over quantity, but I’m wondering what sort of middle ground there is on it. I don’t want to be posting once or twice a month, but I also don’t want to be posting about things that are already fairly known or things that aren’t really that interesting. I think a poll is in order! Anyway, this month was better than last month, but not by much. I have noticed that the visits have stabilized somewhat compared to previous months that were all over the chart. That peak at the end is from my recent post about Revenant Wings, which is rapidly catching up with the all time top posts despite being so recent. It was on the front page of Reddit’s gaming section for an entire day!

October Stats – Month #2

Sorry for the late stats, I was busy working on other things and forgot to post it. Month #2, despite being somewhat problematic with all the Wordpress glitches I had to iron out, was 3 vists shy of 2,800 and had over 5,000 pageviews!

Uploads fixed! Yay!

The site seems to functional once again, so posting will resume tomorrow morning! Glad to be back and I hope you look forward to a cool Halloween themed post tomorrow.

It”s always something isn’t it. >.>

Sorry, nothing new yet. Uploading is broken for some reason, so I have no way of adding photos or videos unless I do it manually, which would take the entire day just to write one post. I’m starting to thiink I should be reprogramming the entire site myself, because Wordpress just never seems to actually function properly on my server.

…and now my computer dies.

I’ll be back as soon as possible. I’m posting this from a spare Ubuntu Live CD I had laying around. I don’t have the time to try and fix my computer right now, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow night or possibly Monday morning for more posts. I didn’t die or anything, I’m still here, just temporarily out of commission because Microsoft secretly hates me apparently. I’m a hairsbreadth from using Ubuntu exclusively. For now, I’ll just console myself by listening to Monster Mash over and over again. Yay Halloween!

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