November Stats – Month #3


It’s Month #3 already! I’ve really got to get more posts happening! I apologize for the relative inactivity lately, I have been very busy, but I promise you I have lots of things to blog about in the coming weeks. I have been finding it somewhat difficult to find things to talk about that I deem truly worthy of actually being blogged about. I like quality over quantity, but I’m wondering what sort of middle ground there is on it. I don’t want to be posting once or twice a month, but I also don’t want to be posting about things that are already fairly known or things that aren’t really that interesting. I think a poll is in order! Anyway, this month was better than last month, but not by much. I have noticed that the visits have stabilized somewhat compared to previous months that were all over the chart. That peak at the end is from my recent post about Revenant Wings, which is rapidly catching up with the all time top posts despite being so recent. It was on the front page of Reddit’s gaming section for an entire day!

Top 5 Posts:

How To: Make Crysis even more freaking amazing!
Revenant Wings – Portable roleplaying done right!
Dark_AleX is back with a custom 3.71 FW!
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep – A glimpse into the futu…err…past.
Moetan is lolitastic.

Top 5 Referers:

Danny Choo
TotalFark – Your guess on why I got referrals from that is as good as mine. :S

Those three traffic spikes, in chronological order are; the back end of the traffic my Crysis post got me, the Dragonaut post and the Revenant Wings post. It looks as if you readers like video games and adventure stuff so I’ll see what neat things I can come up with to blog about this month. Trust me, I’ve already got some neat stuff coming and I’ll do what I can to find more awesome stuff for you readers to discover here. I’m always trying to shorten the gap between my readers and the hidden gems they would appreciate as much as I do. I’ll have some big things to talk about in the coming months, but for now, check out the new post on Sin & Punishment, that game is crack in video game form. It’s so much fun.

What should I do about my level of blogging activity?

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  • Danny Choo

    Nice to see dccom and in there – will try better to send more ^^

  • Stephen Belanger

    Your site has got me tremendous exposure, I am very grateful Danny. has dwarfed everything except Reddit presently, simply because of getting 2 articles on Reddit’s main gaming section page for an entire day this month. I’ve got 3 times as much traffic from you as I have from Digg though! is lower, but it’s only about 10% less than Digg.

    After my super secret future plans come into place you will be the one leeching off MY monstrous amounts of traffic! mwaha!

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