October Stats – Month #2


Sorry for the late stats, I was busy working on other things and forgot to post it. Month #2, despite being somewhat problematic with all the WordPress glitches I had to iron out, was 3 vists shy of 2,800 and had over 5,000 pageviews!

Top 5 Posts:

How To: Make Crysis even more freaking amazing!
Dark_AleX is back with a custom 3.71 FW!
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep – A glimpse into the futu…err…past.
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai – Don’t watch the sequel first, like me. >.>
Lolifox – The best browser an Otaku could ask for.

Top 5 Referers:

PSP Blender Blog <– Once again the sploggers got me some good traffic. ^_^
Danny Choo

It’s only the second month online and already social bookmarks are playing a huge part in the site. If you think that sharp jump on the last day looks nice wait until you see the start of this coming months stats post! Apparently Crysis is really popular right now–I got on the front page of Reddit’s gaming section at about 10PM on Nov. 11 and my traffic more than doubled in the 2 hours after that. :O

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