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The Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton at his best.

I’m sure you already know about Tim Burton’s classic gothic movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it’s Halloween today, so it’s pretty much required viewing. As such, I thought it might be something interesting to talk about. Tim Burton has made many other great gothic film like Edward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride, but I feel none of them were quite as fantastic as The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Uploads fixed! Yay!

The site seems to functional once again, so posting will resume tomorrow morning! Glad to be back and I hope you look forward to a cool Halloween themed post tomorrow.

Why does piracy exist?

Reading around on the internet lately, I have seen a great deal of talk about piracy and how it “negatively effects” the economy and the companies involved. I am strongly of the opinion that such a statement is complete and absolute bogus. If anything, piracy has helped the economy and companies. I myself have downloaded plenty of things that I didn’t own. Why, might you ask, have I pirated things? Well; how else am I going to find out if it’s actually any good?

It”s always something isn’t it. >.>

Sorry, nothing new yet. Uploading is broken for some reason, so I have no way of adding photos or videos unless I do it manually, which would take the entire day just to write one post. I’m starting to thiink I should be reprogramming the entire site myself, because Wordpress just never seems to actually function properly on my server.

…and now my computer dies.

I’ll be back as soon as possible. I’m posting this from a spare Ubuntu Live CD I had laying around. I don’t have the time to try and fix my computer right now, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow night or possibly Monday morning for more posts. I didn’t die or anything, I’m still here, just temporarily out of commission because Microsoft secretly hates me apparently. I’m a hairsbreadth from using Ubuntu exclusively. For now, I’ll just console myself by listening to Monster Mash over and over again. Yay Halloween!

YSlow? – That’s what I’d like to know!

So I stumbled upon a neat little plugin for the Firebug plugin I’ve been using with Firefox for awhile now. It’s called YSlow and what it does is analyze various aspects of your pageload and compares it to Yahoo’s Exceptional Performance criteria and gives each aspect a letter grade rating. Nerd Culture was an F yesterday–Now it’s averaging between D to B for me, depending on the page. I reduced the total page load of the homepage from 784 KB to 345 KB, less than half what it was before! Even better; Primed Cache was reduced from 440 KB to 18 KB! Why was my server set up so that the users would download images they already have in their browser’s cache? >.>

Apologies for the downtime.

I broked mah Wurdprezz.

Polls, Polls, Polls!

New feature! Nerd Culture now has polls, so I can ask you all sorts of useless questions with every post I make, including such questions as What Would Jesus Do? (Optionally, for you Pastafarians; What Would The Flying Spaghetti Monster Do?), Why Am I So Bald? and What Has Science Done? :P

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