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September Stats – Month #1

It’s been one month since Nerd Culture went online and I’ve been quite happy with the response so far! The site has had 599 visits and 1231 pageviews since the night of September 11th when the site went online. I’m looking forward to seeing what this site grows into! Maybe one day I’ll even rival Danny Choo for traffic. ;)

Hayate No Gotoku – I think I might drop it.

Hayate No Gotoku looked like a decent show, but I’m just not getting into it. I think it just feels too slow to me, it’s not a bad show if you’ve got the time to watch it, but I have plenty of other things in my list of stuff to watch. Anyone else have any thoughts on it? I watched the first 10 episodes, but it didn’t feel like it was going to start to actually get going so I’m going to put it on indefinite hold for now.

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