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Polls, Polls, Polls!

New feature! Nerd Culture now has polls, so I can ask you all sorts of useless questions with every post I make, including such questions as What Would Jesus Do? (Optionally, for you Pastafarians; What Would The Flying Spaghetti Monster Do?), Why Am I So Bald? and What Has Science Done? :P

Byousoku 5cm – Makoto Shinkai is an anime god.

You probably still remember my recent post about the animated film Beyond The Clouds–well, this is a brand new movie from the same director and animation studio! Byousoku 5cm, literally meaning 5 Centimeters Per Second, just came out in Japan this September. The art is absolutely fantastic (as you can probably assume by the fact I posted 65 screenshots of it. *_*), there is some definite improvement in the quality of the art since their previous project, Beyond The Clouds. The art is extremely colorful and extraordinarily detailed at times. You’d almost swear you were looking at the real thing in some scenes!

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