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Gitaroo Man gives Acid Rock a new meaning.

Gitaroo Man is a very odd game but is, quite possibly, the best rhythm game of all time. It is so very Japanese it hurts. I’m sure the development team we’re all tripping on acid when they made this game…it certainly feels like you are when you are playing it. The game starts off with you playing as a regular kid named U-1 having troubles with school work, girls and bullies that has just arrived home after a long and arduous day at school. Suddenly your dog, Puma, speaks to you saying that you are the heir to the legendary Gitaroo-Man legacy and that you need to learn how to use the power of Gitaroo to save the universe. You are the only remaining Gitaroo-Man, so you must journey through space battling Gravillions to take back the other Gitaroos they have taken.

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