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Sakanakushon – Like a mellow Asian Kung-Fu Generation with synthesizers!

I found this band called Sakanakushon on the internet not too long ago and thought their music was pretty catchy, so I wanted to share it with all of you. I have several video to share with you, so I hope you enjoy them all–I certainly did!

House Rulez – Catchy Korean Funk/House Pop

I found a folder entitled “Star House City” sitting on an FTP server the other day and decided to download it just because the name sounded interesting. Turns out that was a good idea. Star House City is the newest album from Korean House Superstars; House Rulez.

FofR But Better – A modded skin for Foobar2000

I made my own personal mod of FofR, a really great skin for Foobar2000, the best audio player software out there. I liked the design of the original, but fond the fonts were a bit to small at 1920×1080 resolution so I changed them…then while I was already digging through the code I added a little button to download album art for the current playing song and fixed some minor graphical glitches that FofR has when viewed at such high resolutions. I might make some more changes, but I’m not sure what else I’d want to do with it yet, so here it is; version 0.1 of FofR But Better.

Cowon A3 – Every Nerd wants one, they just don’t know it yet.

For the longest time my MP3 Player was an iPod which, in all appreciation for how it changed the portable media market, is vastly inferior to some of the lesser known Portable Media Players to come out in recent years. The most significant, in my opinion, being the Cowon A3–the perfect portable media player for an anime lover such as myself. Why you ask? Format support–this thing can play just about -anything-. It can play H264 (unforunately it doesn’t yet support Main Profile) and XviD and most importantly; supports all sorts of container formats like OGM and MKV (Matroska Video). What does that all mean? Well, I’ll let you put two and two together; more than half of fansubbed anime is released in H264 format in an MKV container. Until now those have been unplayable on any form of portable media! That’s just the beginning of the A3′s awesomeness!

Special Others – Fantastic jazz/improv from Japan!

While surfing about on the Akiba Online forums I stumbled across a really fun band known as Special Others. From the YouTube video of Good Morning I can see that they very much enjoy their music. They write very jazz-inspired and very danceable music. If you are into fun, rhythic music check out the video for Good Morning I have included in this post!

Why does piracy exist?

Reading around on the internet lately, I have seen a great deal of talk about piracy and how it “negatively effects” the economy and the companies involved. I am strongly of the opinion that such a statement is complete and absolute bogus. If anything, piracy has helped the economy and companies. I myself have downloaded plenty of things that I didn’t own. Why, might you ask, have I pirated things? Well; how else am I going to find out if it’s actually any good?

Gitaroo Man gives Acid Rock a new meaning.

Gitaroo Man is a very odd game but is, quite possibly, the best rhythm game of all time. It is so very Japanese it hurts. I’m sure the development team we’re all tripping on acid when they made this game…it certainly feels like you are when you are playing it. The game starts off with you playing as a regular kid named U-1 having troubles with school work, girls and bullies that has just arrived home after a long and arduous day at school. Suddenly your dog, Puma, speaks to you saying that you are the heir to the legendary Gitaroo-Man legacy and that you need to learn how to use the power of Gitaroo to save the universe. You are the only remaining Gitaroo-Man, so you must journey through space battling Gravillions to take back the other Gitaroos they have taken.

Eyeshine – Some great mellow Alt Rock.

I doubt many of you have heard of Eyeshine, but some may have heard of Johnny Yong Bosch–possibly from my previous post about Eternal Sonata. Johnny is the English voice actor for Vash The Stampede from Trigun, Claus Valka from Last Exile, Gram River from Mars Daybreak, Renton Thurston from Eureka Seven and Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. Yeah, he’s pretty big in the anime voice acting industry. Most people don’t know him for the other part of his life though; his band Eyeshine. They sound a bit like Jimmy Eat World combined with a dash of Yellowcard and the more mellow Green Day songs from their earlier days.

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