Eyeshine – Some great mellow Alt Rock.


I doubt many of you have heard of Eyeshine, but some may have heard of Johnny Yong Bosch–possibly from my previous post about Eternal Sonata. Johnny is the English voice actor for Vash The Stampede from Trigun, Claus Valka from Last Exile, Gram River from Mars Daybreak, Renton Thurston from Eureka Seven and Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. Yeah, he’s pretty big in the anime voice acting industry. Most people don’t know him for the other part of his life though; his band Eyeshine. They sound a bit like Jimmy Eat World combined with a dash of Yellowcard and the more mellow Green Day songs from their earlier days.

They write fairly mellow Alt Rock and it’s not half bad. They’ve got a new record called “Red Stripes / White Lights” scheduled to come out in December (hopefully). Check them out on MySpace, you might like them.

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  • Amanda

    ^_^ Eyeshine is an amazing band, and there music is great. Although Red Stripes / White Lights is their first real album, their EP How About That is great too, and it includes the original versions of Sunday Flower and Not Really Good, which are rerecorded on RS/WL. Unfortunately The EP is no longer available for sale, as they sold out. Eyeshine is a group who I think will be big soon enough

  • Adam

    hey u wouldn’t happen 2 have the full track listing 4
    the How About That EP would ya?

  • http://www.nerdculture.org Stephen Belanger

    1. Summertime
    2. Need You Now
    3. Cellophane Heart Girl
    4. Not Really Good
    5. Drama Queen
    6. In My Eye
    7. Selah
    8. Sunday Flower (The video above)

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