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Splogged in under a month! :O

Nerd Culture hasn’t even been online a month yet and already it’s been splogged! In case you were wondering; splogging is when another site copies your content and uses it for their own site. Often times file links are even left intact, direct linking to your own server. This is how I tracked down this one. copied my post about Dark_AleX’s 3.71 M33 firmware release for the PSP. In doing so, they linked to the firmware file I was hosting which, of course; shows up in the referer links of my blog stats. Many sites use a custom made anti-leech system for file references on the site, but I hadn’t got around to making one for Nerd Culture yet. Instead, when I spotted my files being direct linked, I changed the filename, so now anyone that clicks the download link on their site is linked to my home page. Thanks for the free traffic!

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