YSlow? – That’s what I’d like to know!

So I stumbled upon a neat little plugin for the Firebug plugin I’ve been using with Firefox for awhile now. It’s called YSlow and what it does is analyze various aspects of your pageload and compares it to Yahoo’s Exceptional Performance criteria and gives each aspect a letter grade rating. Nerd Culture was an F yesterday–Now it’s averaging between D to B for me, depending on the page. I reduced the total page load of the homepage from 784 KB to 345 KB, less than half what it was before! Even better; Primed Cache was reduced from 440 KB to 18 KB! Why was my server set up so that the users would download images they already have in their browser’s cache? >.>

Tomorrow I’m thinking of going on a full-scale safari, hacking through WordPress’ code with my Dreamweaver machete until I slim this fatty down a little. >.<

Anyone else hate that WordPress places all the javescript in the header and that they didn’t think to try using php to merge all the js files and all the css files into one big js file and one big css file, so you don’t have 50 HTTP Requests on every pageload? >.>

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