Dragonaut – One of my favorite shows this season!

I’ve quite enjoyed Dragonaut so far, it nicely filled the hole that was left when Darker Than Black got licensed and thus stopped being fansubbed. The art is very colorful and appealing and the character designs are excellent. Though I found the size of some of the women’s breasts to be a little on the disproportionate side to the point of detracting from the show.

Basically the story involves a boy named Jin who was on a shuttle, piloted by his father, to go into outer space on the first public transport space flight. This all went wrong however, when something came speeding down from outer space, directly through their shuttle in mid-takeoff. Needless to say, there was much chaos that ensued and somehow Jin survived the several mile fall into the ocean and relatively unharmed at that. The crash was blamed on pilot error, but it was in fact the result of an alien life form, they refer to as Dragons, colliding with the spacecraft. There was a big cover up and an organization known as the Dragonauts was formed with the goal of protecting the earth from the planet Thanatos which had crashed into Pluto, destroying it and hurling several dragons to earth. Jin is captured by this organization and asked to join, as he was in fact saved by one of these dragons in the crash that killed the rest of his family aboard the first public transport flight to outer space.

The dragon that saved Jin is a girl that calls herself Toa. She, along with all other dragons seems to be capable of taking the form of a human. The Dragonauts have been pursuing her, thinking that she is dangerous, however; she is actually just like a normal person and seems to develop somewhat of an affection for Jin. The two want to be together, but the Dragonauts want to tear them apart and dangerous circumstances invoked by the Dragonauts make her often have to use her powers to help Jin.

The action in the show is pretty cool and entertaining, but I what I liked most about it was how well they fused and action series with a love story. In all the fight scenes you can really feel that Toa cares about Jin and is trying to protect him, despite the ISDA’s misconceptions.

It’s one of the best shows I’ve seen so far this season, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on it to see how the story unfolds. I like the OP too, it’s sort of DubStep-ish, but very catchy and upbeat too. Overall I think it’s definitely one of the must-see shows of this season.


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