Akikan – A Soda Can Harem.


Ever wondered what it would be like if you were about to drink a can of melon soda when suddenly it transformed into a cute, young girl? Yeah, me neither–but this bizarre concept turned out to be a win, in my opinion. It sprinkles a fresh twist on the harem genre with a main character that is…well…not some wussy, girl-fearing loner. Instead he is a mountain of sarcasm, topped with a thick layer of innuendo and narcissism.


Kakeru Daichi is a 16-year-old high school student and collector of aluminum soda cans–he has also been, for all 16 years, single. While on his way home he stops at a vending machine to purchase a melon soda, but he does not anticipate the coming disaster that would unfold. He gets home, has a quick shower and then takes a refreshing sip of his newly purchased lemon soda…only he finishes that sip with a cute blond girl locking lips with him. The girl, known as an Akikan, is glad to have finally transformed into her human form, however; she’s not so glad to find Kakeru lacking any form of clothing short of a towel over his shoulders. Needless to say she freaks and sends him flying with her strange carbonated beverage powers.


As it turns out, this is not an entirely unusual happening. Soda cans turning into girls have been relatively prevalent lately and are under investigation by the Department of Economy. Leading the investigation is Hidehiko Otoya, a government official who also happens to be flaming gay. He appears at Kakeru’s doorstep with his assistant and starts feeling him up before he even introduces himself. Kakeru is somewhere between panic and shock at this point, so the assistant steps in and tames the overly foward Hidehiko and drags him out the door. Kakeru leaps from disaster to disaster, each more disasterous than the last and all the while still pantsless.


The premise is certainly an odd one, but the writers did an excellent job of shaping it into something hilarious. The comedy in the show is very blunt and always tries to push the boundary just a bit further. I’m really looking forward to more episodes of this show and is definitely at the top of my watch list so far from this season.


The music provided a perfect accent to the quirky hilarity that had me laughing all throughout the show and at the same time was quite catchy. Many people underestimate the importance of audio in video medias–try playing a Tales game on mute and you’ll understand what I mean. Audio is a very important aspect in the creation of a good show and this one handled it brilliantly. Not only was the music great, the voices matched perfectly–it’s hard to capture so much sarcasm as Kakeru’s character, but they pulled it off flawlessly.


I highly recommend anyone that likes a good laugh have a look at this show because it is absolutely brillient. Just don’t watch it too late at night or you might get some angry phone calls from your neighbors. ;)


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