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Merry Christmas from Nerd Culture!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and enjoy whatever other holidays you enjoy around now! More on the characters in the picture in coming days–it’s a great show called Toradora, for those pre-emptive enough to have a look before I write my review.

Tekkonkinkreet – A fresh new experience in anime.

Back to posting at last! I’m going to cover a bunch of great stuff that I’ve seen in my absence, so I have a bit of catching up to do, but I think you’ll appreciate the great shows I watched and fun games I played amidst my disappearance. >.>

First up is Tekkonkinkreet. From the same people that brought us The Animatrix (oddly enough), Studio 4°C brings us this new animated wonder. It’s unique style and tremendously detailed animation net this movie countless awards, and it certainly deserves them. Following the lives of the two orphans Kuro and Shiro, or Black and White in Eglish, the story dips in and out of the underlying corruption of Treasure Town; a bustling city puppeteered by Yakuza.


Can’t stop listening…so…addicting…why can’t I stop listening…The voices just don’t ever stop. Curse you Minorin and your utterly moe randomness.

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