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House Rulez – Catchy Korean Funk/House Pop

I found a folder entitled “Star House City” sitting on an FTP server the other day and decided to download it just because the name sounded interesting. Turns out that was a good idea. Star House City is the newest album from Korean House Superstars; House Rulez.

Akikan – A Soda Can Harem.

Ever wondered what it would be like if you were about to drink a can of melon soda when suddenly it transformed into a cute, young girl? Yeah, me neither–but this bizarre concept turned out to be a win, in my opinion. It sprinkles a fresh twist on the harem genre with a main character that is…well…not some wussy, girl-fearing loner. Instead he is a mountain of sarcasm, topped with a thick layer of innuendo and narcissism.

FofR But Better – A modded skin for Foobar2000

I made my own personal mod of FofR, a really great skin for Foobar2000, the best audio player software out there. I liked the design of the original, but fond the fonts were a bit to small at 1920×1080 resolution so I changed them…then while I was already digging through the code I added a little button to download album art for the current playing song and fixed some minor graphical glitches that FofR has when viewed at such high resolutions. I might make some more changes, but I’m not sure what else I’d want to do with it yet, so here it is; version 0.1 of FofR But Better.

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