Dark_AleX is back with a custom 3.71 FW!

This picture hasn’t been me since I bought this game.

Big, huge, gigantic news! The great Dark_AleX, responsible for all the custom firmwares available for the PSP who claimed to have gone into retirement, is back under the name of M33 releasing a brand new custom firmware for both PSP Fat and Slim! The new firmware is barely out of the gate and is already fully hacked.

3.71 M33 by M33=Dark_AleX

Changes in 3.71 M33:

- Now uses 3.71
- VSH Menu is not longer launched using HOME key, but using SELECT now. This is to not interfere with the XMB function of home, which is now more useful in this firmware.
- Psp Slim: umdcache was allocating memory even when homebrew was launched, wasting memory that homebrew programs may want to use. Now umdcache module is stopped before it can allocate any memory, only in the case homebrew is launched.

Also, memory is unprotected for user memory usage by M33 core (only when homebrew is launched).
Developer, for a sample of how to use the extra memory, see the extra ram sample of the M33 sdk.

- Both version boot now from 3.XX ipl, and are independent of 1.50.

The main installer will not install 1.50 kernel anymore.
A 1.50 kernel addon for 3.71 M33 that will install inside 3.71 M33 will be released in a
few days (for fat only)

Note: due to some changes in kernel nids by Sony, you can expect a lot of kernel plugins not working anymore.
Programmers: refer to the sdk readme for details.

It’s nice to see the PSP hacking community is still alive and well.

You will need the official 3.71 firmware and the M33 installer. To install you will need a PSP Fat with 3.52 M33-3 or 3.52 M33-4 or a PSP Slim with 3.60 M33. Visit the Official M33 website for more details and previous M33 releases if you need them to meet the requirements for 3.71.

EDIT: Because of complaints that I ripped off the previous image from PSPSlimHacks.com I took my own picture of the PSP itself.

You could be one of the lucky 77,777 to own one of the Limited Edition Crisis Core PSPs pictured at the top if you run like the wind, before the stock runs out, to Play-Asia.

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  • Mark

    Hey you stole that image from pspslimhacks.com and then just cut of there name on the bottom right of the print screen

  • http://www.nerdculture.org Stephen Belanger

    Yes, I did get it from there. I only cut it though because the standard image size on this site is smaller than it was. I made my own picture now so nobody else complains. Sorry about that. >.>

  • Mark

    Cool now worries the new picture is cool

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  • mike

    hey can u give me a downgrader for 3.71

  • http://www.nerdculture.org Stephen Belanger

    The only way to downgrade from an official 3.71 firmware presently is with a Pandora Battery. You can get them on ebay for quite cheap.

  • http://Wazcanigetadowngradefroma3.71 JOEL ORTEGA

    can i get a downgrade from 3.71 and a upgrade to make it 3.71 custum M33

  • http://www.nerdculture.org Stephen Belanger

    Yes. If you get a Pandora Battery, or make one yourself by looking up the directions online, you can flash any PSP, even bircked ones. The Pandora Battery comes with 2 options: reset to official firmware or the custom 3.71 M33 firmware.

    Aside from the Pandora Battery there is not yet any other way to downgrade from the official 3.71 firmware.

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  • kevin

    is another way to downgrade the psp 3.71, or 3.71 to 3.71 m33, i been lookin 4 3 days, i cant find it, plz help me, if not contact me kevin_bone1@hotmail.com plz :(

  • http://www.nerdculture.org Stephen Belanger

    Nope. Still just the Pandora Battery, as far as I know.

  • http://www.freepspgo.co.uk free psp go

    great blog and theme did you design this or was it a free theme?

  • http://www.nerdculture.org Stephen Belanger

    It is a mod of a free theme called iNove, which you can find here; http://www.neoease.com/themes/

    Obviously the color has been changed, but there was also some under-the-hood changes that I added, including Play-Asia ad blocks that are category specific and can use the post keywords to find more related products. There’s also a new feed parser to parse and display new products at jList, but it’snot working at the moment for some reason. :S

  • http://www.dieversteigerungskobolde.de Janelle Pelaez

    Great work, I need to hear more from you.Are you working in a Group that you can make such a good Blog?

  • http://www.nerdculture.org Stephen Belanger

    Nope, it’s all me…which is why I haven’t posted anything in half a year. >.>

    I promise I’ll be back eventually though, I’ve just had way too much going on in my life for awhile.

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