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Yasunori Mitsuda arranging 2 songs for SSMB

Yasunori Mitsuda, known for his legendary composition in the famed Chrono series, has been commissioned to arrange 2 pieces of music for the upcoming Wii title Super Smash Bros Brawl. One can only speculate, at this time, what his involvement could mean. But considering Mitsuda’s previous compositions on Nintendo platforms it is entirely possible that he could be updating the theme songs of your favorite characters from Chrono Trigger! Who wouldn’t want to hand out a generous portion of pain as Crono or Frog?

Gitaroo Man gives Acid Rock a new meaning.

Gitaroo Man is a very odd game but is, quite possibly, the best rhythm game of all time. It is so very Japanese it hurts. I’m sure the development team we’re all tripping on acid when they made this game…it certainly feels like you are when you are playing it. The game starts off with you playing as a regular kid named U-1 having troubles with school work, girls and bullies that has just arrived home after a long and arduous day at school. Suddenly your dog, Puma, speaks to you saying that you are the heir to the legendary Gitaroo-Man legacy and that you need to learn how to use the power of Gitaroo to save the universe. You are the only remaining Gitaroo-Man, so you must journey through space battling Gravillions to take back the other Gitaroos they have taken.

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei – Ah, the nostalgia.

This is the first post in a new section I’m making called Time Machine. In this section I will talk about and review old, long forgotten classics that time has hidden away in our dark and dusty closets. First up is Panzer Dragoon II Zwei. This was a truly amazing game for it’s time; the soundtrack was a feature film quality orchestral backing, which was quite impressive compared to the beeps and boops of that day and age. The gameplay was a spectacle of it’s own; nobody had really done a forced movement path shooter like that before–most certainly not that well. The graphics, of course, for the time were great…but over a decade later they have aged quite a bit. Nothing to squint at and look sideways to be able to tell what’s going on though.

Golden Age Collectables – Otaku Paradise

In the heart of downtown Vancouver, right on Granville St. you can find the Nerd Nirvana known as Golden Age Collectables. These guys carry more manga, anime, graphics novels and figures than you’d ever care to know existed. When I was in Vancouver on business recently I picked up a copy of NextWave here and blogged about how awesome it is. This place is jam-packed full of awesomeness of such magnitude as NextWave. They also had probably everything Neil Gaiman has ever written, including more obscure stuff like the edition of Sandman with art from Yoshitaka Amano. For those that don’t know; Mr. Amano was the concept artist for all the Final Fantasy games up until X. His brilliant artistry and unique style is well known in Otakudom.

Eternal Sonata – The best RPG in a decade.

Eternal Sonata is epic beyond the magnitude any role playing game has achieved in likely a decade. From the artistry of the graphics and sound to the intricacy of the character and plot development, Eternal Sonata succeeds in far surpassing everything else. When I first played the demo on Xbox Live I knew I had to have the game, but even so; I was still, with my jaw on the floor, blown away by how amazing a game it is when I finally got a hold of my own copy. I had intended on writing this review a few days ago, but I just couldn’t pull myself away from it. That’s how good it is; so good I played through it twice before managing to pry myself away from it for long enough to write a review.

Dark_AleX is back with a custom 3.71 FW!

Big, huge, gigantic news! The great Dark_AleX, responsible for all the custom firmwares available for the PSP who claimed to have gone into retirement, is back under the name of M33 releasing a brand new custom firmware for both PSP Fat and Slim! The new firmware is barely out of the gate and is already fully hacked.

John Woo Knows how to make a video game.

Stranglehold is John Woo’s video game sequel to his cult-hit action movie, Hard-Boiled. The game just reeks of epic John Woo project–if this game doesn’t put up a strong fight with Bioshock for game-of-the-year I will be beyond shocked. Every thing about this game is truly deserving of being called next-gen. Inspector Tequila is most certainly the most awesome action game lead in years. He has so much style and personality to him. After a cop goes missing he goes to track him down only to find out he’s already dead. The investigation turns into an all out war between crime syndicates and Tequila is stuck right in the middle with only one thing on his mind; revenge. Somebody has got his old girlfriend captive–he’s going to get her back and nothing is going to stop him.

Bioshock – Creepy, Gruesome, Art Deco?

Bioshock, in my mind deserves Game Of The Year. Heck, it might even deserve Game Of The Decade! I found very unexpected bliss in this stylized golden-era/futuristic shooter. I’m not usually one to be all that interested in shooters, but thisn’t isn’t your everyday point-and-shoot rampage through alien invaders. This game has a deep and complex story with plot twists and actual storywriting techniques. For some odd reason those things aren’t too common in modern shooters.

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