Sir RRoD the Second.


My Xbox 360 has, once again, gone to game console heaven. I’m really starting to think I should just get this all over with and get a PS3. The Xbox 360 has better games presently, but I’m sure they’d be even more fun if I could actually play them instead of staring blankly at the box and cursing Microsoft under my breath. I guess for now I’ll have to survive on Crysis and Wii or PS2 games…actually, that doesn’t sound half bad. Maybe this time Microsoft will take their time and send me a new 360 that’ll actually work for more than half a year. I love my Xbox 360–but seriously, Microsoft; learn to build a less failure-prone game console.

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  • Anonymous
  • Stephen Belanger

    Huh…that’s pretty pathetic on Sony’s part. o.O

    I haven’t really heard much in the way of PS3 failures though, compared to the mass hysteria that surrounded the Xbox 360′s RRoD problems.

    …mind you; I am still of the belief that all the ‘Next-Gen’ consoles suck. Xbox 360 is always broken, PS3 has hardly any games and the Wii is overflowing with gimmicky time-wasters and only a handful of actually worthwhile games.

    I guess I’ll just stick to Crysis and my PS2 or now. ;)

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