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The view from the Comicon floor is spectacular indeed.

I’ve got a treat for you readers today! A friend of mine was lucky enough to attend the last Comicon in San Diego and she was nice enough to write a little summary of it to post on the site. I’m green with envy–the pictures make me really wish I could’ve been there. Maybe I’ll have the time and the money when the next one comes around. I certainly plan on trying to get into TGS as soon as finances permit. Major conventions like that are a goldmine of cool stuff no one knows about yet.

Monkey Majik – Canadian JPop?

Some may have already heard of them, some may not have. Monkey Majik consists of Takuya “tax” Kikuchi (菊池拓哉, Kikuchi Takuya) on drums, DICK on bass and rather oddly Maynard Plant and Blaise Plant; two Canadian brothers who sing in both Japanese and English and play guitar. It is very unusual for a band with foreign members and foreign languages to attain such a level of popularity in Japan as they have.

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