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Monkey Majik – Canadian JPop?

Some may have already heard of them, some may not have. Monkey Majik consists of Takuya “tax” Kikuchi (菊池拓哉, Kikuchi Takuya) on drums, DICK on bass and rather oddly Maynard Plant and Blaise Plant; two Canadian brothers who sing in both Japanese and English and play guitar. It is very unusual for a band with foreign members and foreign languages to attain such a level of popularity in Japan as they have.

Blue Dragon – A Forgettable Dungeon Crawl.

I was really looking forward to this game to see what my hero, good old Sakaguchi, could do starting from scratch. Sadly, I was put off by the poor presentation and lack of balance to the dungeon crawling. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy a good dungeon crawl, but when you can see the same rock on your screen for going on 40 minutes and you’ve only been in 3 battles with the only 3 monsters you are going to encounter for the next couple hours it starts to lose it’s charm.

Spirits Within deserves a second chance.

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within bombed pretty bad at the box office and I understand why, but it deserved better. Yes, I know that it wasn’t anything like the video games or anything from Square Enix really. However, in it’s own it is a very good movie. I think that if they had not included the Final Fantasy title at all and just called it The Spirits Within it would have been much more successful. It would have been viewed as it’s own stand-alone entity in the Square Enix lineup rather than constantly being compared with all the Final Fantasy video games.

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