School Days – Narutaru if it we’re a romance.

Makoto has sex with every girl in this picture except the one that’s actually his girlfriend.

School Days was a very entertaining high-school life kind of show for about the first ten episodes, then everything went bad. Not in the sense that it sucked, but in the sense that the love was dead. The last two episodes were dark and violent, especially much the final episode. School Days was very much like Narutaru in that regard in that the story completely shifted to a dark and violent finale. I kind of expected it because of what I had heard about School Days reading about it on the internet, but I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen.

Sawanaga is the comedy relief character. He can’t get a girl no matter how hard he tries, while Makoto just keeps falling into it.

The one thing I disliked about the show was that the moral wasn’t really presented very well. The moral was supposed to be along the lines of “Don’t cheat on your girlfriend.”, but the way the show ended I felt the moral was more so along the lines of “Turn gay. Women are insane.” Seriously, if you are living in a city with enough psychopathic women that you coincidentally go out with two of them at the same time, I think it’s about time to move.

I see what you did there, nice boat.

Apart from the over the top violent ending the show was pretty good. The characters were believable and the different personalities and situations were interesting enough to keep you wanting to watch more. Though, I kind of wonder if they changed the ending scene to have Katsura on her yacht as a humorous jab at the Nice Boat fiasco from the airing of the final episode on TV.

Everyone in this picture dies or goes insane, carrying the severed head of her boyfriend with her on her yacht out into the ocean.

If you have a weak stomach I don’t recommend you watch this show, but if you are okay with a bit of gruesome violence it’s a decent show–though there is plenty of better shows out there you could watch. Overall I really only recommend this if you haven’t got anything better to watch.

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