Lolifox – The best browser an Otaku could ask for.


I was surfing about the blogosphere when I noticed a comment on a post about browsers mentioning a browser called Lolifox. I thought to myself; there is a browser that I don’t even know about? How is this possible! So I looked it up on Google and discovered it was a variant of Firefox with modifications to make it anime themed! When you install it you get several useful bookmarks in your bookmark list like AnimeSuki, but what I thought was the greatest part of it was the default start page. The start page has a search box that can search not only the popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo, but it can even search several anime-centric bit torrent sites such as AnimeSuki and Tokyo Toshokan!

You can download it yourself at Lolifox! It’s my new default browser. ^_^

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  • Fang-tan

    Sounds great! I’ve always wanted to try it but I’m apart of the small minority that likes Internet Explorer.

  • Primetech

    *cough* *splutter* You like Internet Explorer? I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, but Firefox is much better. And, of course, lolifox (not capitalized) is much better, er, cuter than Firefox.

    Granted, Wikipedia refuses to see lolifox as a browser despite the fact that it was a separately compiled re-edition of Firefox, kinda just themed up. The only difference is that lolifox changes its appearance without all the add-ons. Meh, tomato tomahto.

    If you have not-so-fast internet and IE doesn’t fit all your needs, get lolifox, it’s like Firefox but smaller.

  • Anonymous

    Fang-tan if you truly still use IE there is help available. Option 1: Download firefox and let the pain go… option 2: Go on 4chan and mention you use IE still… option 3: Shoot nazi Zombies in cod 5… option 4: stop being a noob and get a decent web browser.

  • Dark-Eye Phoenix

    umm. i still use IE and hate firefox.

  • kayne

    I use Opera 10 and I hate firefox. Firefox is REALLY SLOW compared to Opera 10.

  • M4he

    I don’t like people saying they hate browser x and are only using browser y because it’s the best and anything else is crap.

    Internet Explorer isn’t the best but when you keep it updated and browse with a slow internet connection you’ll be fine and secure with it.

    Firefox is an allrounder. It has the most addons of all browsers and is very flexible and has a nice speed. Its addons allows adding features of other browsers to it and customizing it according to your likings.

    Since I didn’t use Opera I can only say what I heard about it. It seems to be one of the fastest browsers and it’s web standard is up-to-date (acid3-tests).

    I can’t really say that I hate these three browsers. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. But I don’t use any of these 3 either. For my surfing habits there’s only one browser to fullfill all my needs:

    Google Chrome.
    Fast, small, clean, a master of tabs and very comfortable. It’s just perfect (for me).

  • Stephen Belanger

    Personally I’m using Google Chrome right now, but I hate that it has no RSS Feed support at all. I used to like Firefox because it had some handy plugins for web development, but it took almost a full minute to open it. I have never liked Opera–I’ve tried it a few times, but I always seem to uninstall it after about an hour because the interface it uses just seems so awkward to me.

  • chrisl

    well, if any of you are web designers (and i don’t mean 90s-style-table-based designer, but more like a recent CSS designer) its almost impossible not to hate IE.

    if you people dont like firefox, its ok, there is opera, safari, chrome ANYTHING is better than IE, if you insist in using IE at least use version 8

    (btw if you like how IE looks like, you can install a theme in firefox to make it look like IE

  • Ringking

    In response to this ongoing debate about which is best blah blah blah blah blah. Im quite a tech-savvy person, i can fix my own computer and other peoples if need be, so i know what im saying.

    …..Im still using IE 6 (dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn)…..

    I really cant find anything to hate about it, i have never had any problems with it and it loads/displays every site i have ever gome on without issue. I do have firefox, but thats only for if i want to mass download small files (gotta love that “down them all” add-on)

  • Stephen Belanger

    As a web programmer and designer, I am obligated to despise you for using IE6. :P

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